Thank you all for a wonderful couple years! Please note that all appointments booked after Thursday, October 26 will be with Amy Walker of White Birch Gallery. Amy will be practicing in the same location that I am currently in and will also be using the same ammonia-free hair color and holistic hair care approach! Learn more about Amy and White Birch Gallery at! 

Aloe Organic Beauty takes a Natural,  Holistic and Organic approach to hair care. Enhancing the beauty from within.

Or.gan.ic  | of, relating to, or derived from living matter

Aloe is the inspiration for the concept of this salon. It is one of the most beneficial & healing plants for the hair & skin. Most of the products used in the salon are aloe vera based and if they are not, they are beneficial and healing in nature, just like the aloe plant.  

It was my vision to create a space that focuses on using healing, nourishing, organic and simple ingredients into the salon practice. I want each client to have a unique experience, customized to their specific needs and visions. Hair is an integral part of health and beauty! I take the time to assess your individuals needs and create a hair style that compliments each persons natural beauty.

Although not all of our products are certified organic, our color line is ammonia and formaldehyde free, contains organic ingredients and features essential and natural oils. All of our hair care products are very gentle, all cruelty-free, paraben & sulfate-free and contain certified organic ingredients. 

It is the mission of Aloe Organic Beauty to tread lightly on the Earth and reuse, recycle and give back whenever possible. All hair clippings are donated to Matter of Trust's Clean Wave Program, a non-profit organization that presses hair into mats and are used to soak up oil spills in waterways.