natural herbal hair color & conditioning

Henna| Lawsonia Inermis| Henna Tree

Henna has been used throughout history cosmetically to color hair and as a temporary skin stain (as henna tattoos). It's benefits go much further than just coloring the hair and skin. The benefits of using Henna are that it increases the strength of the hair, seals the cuticle, promotes hair growth and helps to heal scalp conditions. Henna is a safe and nourishing way to color the hair, leaving it reflective and full of dimension!

The high quality organic henna hair color that is used in the salon produce a wide range of shades, from Strawberry Blonde to Black. Henna is a deposit only color, which means that you can only color your hair the same shade or darker; henna will not lighten your hair. Henna also provides great grey coverage.

think henna may be right for you?

Worried about being red? The high-quality henna that is used in the salon produces a wide range of shades. Natural and neutral browns can be formulated with out the worry of being red. 

Great candidates for henna are clients who want to improve their hair's health as naturally as possible. 

There is a common misconception that henna is very reactive when used before or after a chemical coloring service. This is because most over-the-counter henna contain highly reactive metallic salts in the formula, and react disastrously with any ammoniated color in the hair or future chemical services. The henna that I use contains NO metallic salt. It is organically grown, seasonally harvested and triple sifted to make sure that you are getting the highest quality product.